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About Us


Central Oregon Beer Angels are a community of curious women who love learning about beer.

I have learned so much from this group of amazing women over the years. Their curiosity about beer is contagious and I love that they take beer newbies under their wing without judgment or beer snobbery. We all have to start somewhere and the Beer Angels is an awesome place to begin (or continue) your beer journey.

~ M.S.

When the Central Oregon Beer Angels was founded in 2012, there weren’t a lot of women attending craft beer events. The women who did show up, though, were passionate about craft beer and its community impact. The beer scene was exploding in Central Oregon and we decided it was the perfect time to start a club that connects women and provides fun opportunities to expand their beer knowledge.

Our passion is all things beer—how it’s crafted, how it’s served and how it brings people together. Over the years, we’ve cultivated a vibrant and diverse community of women who are united by a love of beer.

Unique Members

Today, our club is full of heart and humanity and going strong with 850+ unique sign-ups and over 200 members each calendar year. Founded and led by local women, we are a judgment-free community where women can share a pint together, learn about beer and support Central Oregon businesses.

**While the covid-19 pandemic has been extremely challenging these past couple of years, our leadership committee continues to brainstorm ways to keep us connected. We are committed to creating a safe, healthy and fun environment for our members.

Please continue to check out the official Beer Angels Event Calendar for info about upcoming events. Events and details are changing as we carefully ease back in. 

We can’t wait to see you!  Please join us!

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