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Conditions of Membership

The success and strength of the Central Oregon Beer Angels is dependent upon the trust and confidence we earn from our Partners and Members. We gain credibility by staying true to our commitments and displaying honesty and integrity through respectful conduct.


We welcome all women ages 21 and over.


  1. I acknowledge that I am 21 years of age or older.
  2. I will conduct myself in a respectful manner and drink responsibly at Central Oregon Beer Angels meetings and social events.
  3. I agree that the Central Oregon Beer Angels, its membership, and committee members are not responsible for any legal issues (including over-consumption of alcohol) or injuries that occur during meetings and/or social events.
  4. The Membership fee of $25 is good for one calendar year (January through December). This fee includes a membership discount card, access to exclusive Beer Angels events, on-going relevant newsletters, access to an exclusive Facebook Group with information on events and gatherings, and offsets the costs for meeting expenses, club supplies, website administration, and space and equipment rentals.
  5. I acknowledge that in addition to the $25 yearly membership fee, gatherings may require additional fees for tours, services, food, and/or beer.
  6. Membership and events are open to women and women-identifying persons 21 years of age or older. Others may be in attendance if they are educating, presenting, documenting, guiding the group or are otherwise invited by the committee or event planner.
  7. I understand that Central Oregon Beer Angels is led by a committee of volunteer women who plan events, manage membership and partners, and make decisions that affect the social group as a whole. The committee will meet on a quarterly basis to organize events, plan volunteer opportunities, and discuss club issues.
    Member gatherings will occur at least once every two months.
  8. If / when I volunteer for an event as a Central Oregon Beer Angel, I will not expect to be compensated for my time.
  9. I understand that events are on an RSVP basis. Membership does not guarantee entrance to an event.
  10. I understand that guests are welcome to join an event if there is space and it is clearly outlined in the event invitation. Otherwise, it is assumed that fee-based events are exclusive to members only.
  11. I understand that activities and gatherings are subject to public mandates (including cancellations) put forth by the local, state and federal authorities which may impact the Club’s scheduled events. I accept that circumstances such as these are beyond the control of the Club and its Board.
  12. I acknowledge that I have read the Central Oregon Beer Angels Code of Conduct and hereby agree to abide by its principles of respect and unity.

To the best of my knowledge, I am in good physical condition and fully able to participate as a member of the Central Oregon Beer Angels. I am fully aware of the risks and hazards associated with participation in this social group, including physical injury, food allergies, alcohol over-consumption, or even death, and hereby elect to voluntarily participate in said group. I VOLUNTARILY ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY RISKS OR LOSS, PROPERTY DAMAGE, OR PERSONAL INJURY, INCLUDING DEATH, that may be sustained by me, or loss or damage to property owned by me, as a result of participation in this social group.

I hereby RELEASE, WAIVE, DISCHARGE, AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE Central Oregon Beer Angels and release any and all committee members from any and all liability, claims, demands, action and causes of actions whatsoever arising of or related to any loss, damage or injury, including death, that may be sustained by me, or to any property belonging to me, while participating in Central Oregon Beer Angels events, meetings or social gatherings.

It is my expressed intent that this release and ‘hold harmless agreement’ shall bind the members of my family and spouse, if I am alive, and my heirs, assigns and personal representative, if I am deceased, and shall be deemed as a RELEASE, WAIVE, DISCHARGE, and CONVENTION TO SUE the above named RELEASEES. I hereby further agree that this Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement shall be constructed in accordance with the state laws of Oregon.

By checking the box (during checkout for Member Subscription), I am accepting this release. I acknowledge and represent that I HAVE READ THE FORGOING Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement, UNDERSTAND IT AND AGREE TO IT VOLUNTARILY as my own free act and deed. No oral representations, statements or inducements, apart from the foregoing written agreements have been made and I EXECUTE THIS RELEASE FOR FULL, ADEQUATE AND COMPLETE CONSIDERATION FULLY INTENDING TO BE BOUND BY SAME.